Piero Golia, Diego Perrone on Chris Burden. Photo Giovanna Silva


Piero Golia, Diego Perrone on Chris Burden

The classroom, center for art and education born in Milan in April 2016, invited Piero Golia (Naples, 1974) and Diego Perrone (Asti, 1970) to think about American artist Chris Burden (1946-2015).


Golia and Perrone run a free course, open to students and the public, in which they worked with some materials and personal clues taken from Burden studio (drawings, objects, toys, working tools…) that represent often the starting point of his conceptual process through drawings, performance and sculpture.

The artists have moreover chosen printing technique Risograph as a tool to show and tell (and after that release) their personal and individual story on a great protagonist of Art history. The classroom where the activity takes place will be thus transformed into a sort of urban fabric where un- predictable prints and works on paper would be crafted by many hands.

until 10 April 2017
the classroom
Piero Golia, Diego Perrone on Chris Burden
Curated by Paola Nicolin
via Cesare Correnti, 14 Milan