Urban Stories

Urbanstories - The unconventional gude to Milan

Milan has a discrete charm. It isn’t a grandiose city that causes a sensation at first sight. It doesn’t have the skyscrapers of New York or the majestic boulevards of Paris. Milan’s beauty is concealed within the courtyards of its buildings in the city centre, and it is revealed in the depths of its history that juxtaposes old and new. Milan is a multifaceted city that captivates people with different passions: design lovers, architecture enthusiasts, fashionistas, opera buffs and students of history. Our aim is not to describe just one of these sides to Milan, but all of them together. This is the Milan of the non-Milanese, a vivid portrait painted by 15 personal accounts, composing an unconventional guide to the city made of stories, memories and details that the Milanese might hardly notice.