Design come Performance

The 8 of April at Gallerie d'Italia in Milan, IED organizes a conversation between Alessandro Mendini and Loredana Parmesani on the topic of the designer performer.


Design as Performance is the theme of the conversation that will take place in collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo, between Alessandro Mendini, one of Italy’s most illustrious designers, and Loredana Parmesani, art critic and historian and a professor at the IED.Using video and images, Mendini will talk about the work of the Designer Performer which had its starting point in the 70s and continued until the early 80s, when art moved from the realm of the object to that of behaviour, from the concept of a work as an enduring entity, defined by its economic value, to the work as performance, free of economic rules.
This is a unique opportunity to hear the testimony of the people who wrote the history of design and to be part of a story in which IED played a key role. As an educational establishment, IED played an important part in the creation of design as system, and has nurtured the greatest talent from Milan, Italy and the world since 1966.
Design Week 2017 is also the chance to suggest the subjects, events and speakers that will take the stage at the Triennale di Milano from 26th October, as part of an international exhibition to celebrate 50 years of IED, in partnership with Intesa Sanpaolo.


8 April 2017, h. 17:00
Design come Performance
Gallerie d’Italia, Sala Mattioli,
Piazza della Scala, 6 Milan